Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Site Project

For the Site Project  I had the idea of creating some sort of ‘slow narrative’, I intended to make  a film which I would then display one frame at a time in the place the film was shot. The site project was only a week and at the end of the week the film wasn’t quite complete – I had my first couple of frames which I was able to display. I would consider this really to be a prototype or a trial period. I intend to find a new way to display the Frames and as the week of the site project is over I can work on the film itself improving it and tweaking any of the things that need to be tweaked. Here is the ROUGH EDIT version of the film.  Along with an image of a frame of the film (although, sadly not the first frame – just the first interesting one) displayed in the park where the film was shot.