Sunday, 30 October 2011



So I’ve been helping out at a little theatre near my house called The Garrick (LINK) I’m not really sure if this counts as ‘Networking’ because I had to pay to become a member, but I hope it does count! I mean I’m learning new skills, and working out how things work.  So far I haven’t actually done much. I drilled a piece of wood to another piece of wood, I hung two pictures up on a set and I helped take down a set. In the next production they do I will be an assistant stage manager and I plan to hopefully do some directing  in the future, and I may even attempt to use some original writing, which would mean I would have to finally finish some original writing.

Here is a little poster to some original writing (because it makes most sense to do the poster before actually writing it)  its about a bunch of young adults that get the first train home