Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Youth Knows No Pain

I recently bought this album
Lykke Li - Wounded Rhymes.

I've liked her for a few years now, but i feel a bit sad that most of the time if i talk about her to someone i have to say

"Y'know in the second Twilight, when shes being all emo...well even more than usual, and its spinning around her and it says October, November, December blah blah blah..... well that's her...."

otherwise they don't know who i mean.

The first song is called 'Youth Knows No Pain' and this is just something that's been inside my mind (as well as some of her other songs/lyrics and such.
I've created this.

fittingly its made on a bit of wood from a draw that I broke when I was younger (which probably caused me some pain) and just never put in the bin.

I plan to take pictures of it in all the different places where I received pain when I was young, The tree what gave me the scar on my nose, the bathroom where I cracked my head open and so on.

But then maybe I'd then like to show it in some forms of adult pain, not childhood physical pain but like, pain from breaking up with a partner, or somebody dying and so on. although I've not figured out about that part yet

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