Tuesday, 15 March 2011


I have a wall of posters...

I used to have my desk in front of there, but now I have a book self, some trees and a man eating plant.
One time, when my desk was in front of it, somebody left a water spray bottle on my desk. of course I messed about with it, and I sprayed it onto one of the posters, and it showed the images on the other side of the poster.

I plan to make a series of posters/images. which have lots of white negative space, with one simple image in the middle, probably of some sort of Alice in wonderland type girl (although not obviously, not in a blue dress)  then people will be invited to spray some water onto it, revealing something behind her. things like trees or monsters or whatever...

I like that then the water will dry and the background images will fade away, I also like the possibility that having too much water sprayed onto the paper could make it fall apart and rip or even completely get destroyed

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