Monday, 14 March 2011


I've been meaning to films these, as I'm traveling in trains at nigh time for years now, and after finally buying a somewhat decent/small camera i finally did. i find it interesting. how the reflections are all over the place, which i know is typical reflection behaviour, but its kind of like when you put two mirrors in front of each other and it reflects each other for ever and ever, expect when windows are used you don't just get the stuff whats in between the two reflective surfaces, but also all of the stuff outside of it too.  i also like that the lens makes it less obvious which is a reflection (as opposed to just with the eye). i couldn't really see the man when i was filming it, but i like him being there.

I'd like to recreate some of these, although I'm not completely sure how I'd go about that, just yet....

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