Sunday, 6 March 2011

Git it?

I don't like a lot of musicals, by which i mean i don't like Grease, but 'Little Shop of Horrors' has always been a favourite of mine. Making my own Audrey Two has always been something I've wanted to do. We did it in school once, but i didn't want to be involved. (The boy that was cast as Seymour could really only be described as a 'Dick')

So far the Plant is really just for me, as i have no plans to perform the show, or give the plant to somebody that is, but i guess i would like to direct the show sometime in the future, i don't really like theatres (well theatres with a fixed stage at the end of a room at least) and i kind of like to idea of maybe performing it inside an old abandoned shop or building maybe, with a small audience of about 30ish? Although I’m not sure how i would go about getting an abandoned shop.  

Here’s the Audrey Two model anyway.... this is it in its first form I’ve also started making it in its second form, so far i don't plan to make it in its 3rd and 4th form, cos i don't have enough space but maybe one day…

I've tried to make the Plant look a bit shoddy looking, just because i think its kinda needs to be. i think it either has to be amazingly realistic...or funnily rubbish. but obviously it can't be too rubbish

the plant looks a bit long, but actually most of it will be hidden inside a plant pot, the exeess plant is there so it can grow after that song.

 I couldn’t put the plant in the pot cos the paint was still wet, but this is two cleverly overlapped. 

I really enjoyed actually making something again, I’ve kinda only been working on my film type work, so it was nice to get my hands messy again, even though i did have a paint pot explosion!

P.S. the boy playing Seymour was rubbish.......... Just saying. 

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