Sunday, 6 February 2011

A voice over for a Film.

[American Accent]

"One time, when I was younger, I bought a little key hook rack from a little shop around the corner from my house.
I put it on the wall next to the door, when my sister saw it she told me to take it down. Saying if anyone were to break in and all the keys were in an obvious place, they’d take them…
                But we’ve always left our keys on the windowsill next to the door anyway. 

It seems to me that anybody, that’s even just a little bit older, think they know what’s best.
My sister thinks that she has to be some sort of substitute mom to me. Cooking and cleaning all the time, like some sort of 1950’s housewife from a film, one of the ones that silently cry in the bathroom at night.
I’ve never thought about leaving home before, but I knew I’d never stay forever.  So that’s why I have to go.

Before I end up like her."

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  1. Did you miss Marisa Draper from the Cornerhouse talking about the Exposures film festival??