Friday, 4 February 2011

Train Film or Cartoon film

so filming has begun on a film I'm making. the film is kind of inspired by the Glossop Flight project, with the flight being more about leaving home as opposed to actual flight. But i don't think that this will actually have anything to do with Glossop!. 

the film is basically about a boy that leaves home because he feels he has no reason to stay. The film is a sort of Road movie, so there's going to be an actual journey in film as well as a mental journey for the main characters. 

i want the film to have a very cartoonish feel, so the characters will wear the same outfit throughout, and even act quite cartoon like. another cartoon aspect is that I've filmed the scenes, but mostly i have the actors just saying anything, that doesn't necessarily relate at all to film, i will later dub a separate recording of the actors talking.  This is something that i read that Federico Fellini (La dolce vita) did in his film, so it has been something i have been wanting to explore in my films.  This will also help in keeping volume levels controlled

Here are two character costume continuity photos. 

The characters only wear Black and white (and greys, as well as some dark blue, but Shhhh!)  and then they both have a bit of red, Boy's shoes and Girl's Lips.

I've not actually edited any of the footage yet, but here's a waving cat i filmed whilst we went to buy red lipstick!

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