Friday, 18 February 2011

The Good Witch.

Did some more filming on the train film today. Here some photos i took of a character in her good witch costume.

Monday, 14 February 2011

girl skipping.

so, unrelated to the picture, BUT today i asked about volunteering at a theatre near my house. they didn't seem completely overjoyed at the prospect of having some free help, but maybe they don't need any. but hopefully they'll let me know. I also asked about the possibility of filming some stuff there, when i asked, i stuttered a bit, i was going to say 'student films' but students have a bit of a bad rep so after some stutters i said 'Independant Films' they said that they do, but that i have to talk to the BOSS BOSS, so hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff done!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Train Film scene.

heres a scene from my Train Film.  i've not decided on a name yet. but someone suggested 'Tracks' so maybe that, but kinda like names that have 'Ands' in. so maybe Tracks and something else. tracks works because of the idea of train tracks, they go on a train and tracks as in path, as in the path of their life? i dunno, well anywhere heres the film.
the sound is a bit annoying, but i dont completely hate it.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


made some fake blood for a film. the blood won't be used too much and for some sort of gruesome 'Evil Dead' type scene.
then i saw on facebook somebody suggesting we all "pour yourself a glass of red" 

so this happened.

The blood was made with Golden syrup, 2 splashes of red food colouring and 1 (if that) splash of blue food colouring. i got the 'recipe' from the Trivia page of "The Last house on the left" on IMDB. so thank you IMDB....and Wes craven

Sunday, 6 February 2011

A voice over for a Film.

[American Accent]

"One time, when I was younger, I bought a little key hook rack from a little shop around the corner from my house.
I put it on the wall next to the door, when my sister saw it she told me to take it down. Saying if anyone were to break in and all the keys were in an obvious place, they’d take them…
                But we’ve always left our keys on the windowsill next to the door anyway. 

It seems to me that anybody, that’s even just a little bit older, think they know what’s best.
My sister thinks that she has to be some sort of substitute mom to me. Cooking and cleaning all the time, like some sort of 1950’s housewife from a film, one of the ones that silently cry in the bathroom at night.
I’ve never thought about leaving home before, but I knew I’d never stay forever.  So that’s why I have to go.

Before I end up like her."

Friday, 4 February 2011

Train Film or Cartoon film

so filming has begun on a film I'm making. the film is kind of inspired by the Glossop Flight project, with the flight being more about leaving home as opposed to actual flight. But i don't think that this will actually have anything to do with Glossop!. 

the film is basically about a boy that leaves home because he feels he has no reason to stay. The film is a sort of Road movie, so there's going to be an actual journey in film as well as a mental journey for the main characters. 

i want the film to have a very cartoonish feel, so the characters will wear the same outfit throughout, and even act quite cartoon like. another cartoon aspect is that I've filmed the scenes, but mostly i have the actors just saying anything, that doesn't necessarily relate at all to film, i will later dub a separate recording of the actors talking.  This is something that i read that Federico Fellini (La dolce vita) did in his film, so it has been something i have been wanting to explore in my films.  This will also help in keeping volume levels controlled

Here are two character costume continuity photos. 

The characters only wear Black and white (and greys, as well as some dark blue, but Shhhh!)  and then they both have a bit of red, Boy's shoes and Girl's Lips.

I've not actually edited any of the footage yet, but here's a waving cat i filmed whilst we went to buy red lipstick!