Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New sketchBook idea....

Like i said in my last post, my original sketchbook idea didn't quite go to plan. WELL i started a new idea. again it is another film idea.

what I've done already.

well i came up with the simple idea.
 I knew i wanted this to be about some sort of FEMME FATALE. with the theme being about revenge, i just felt this was a good plan!.

the first step was to think of a way to use the sketchbook.

so for the sketchbook i have used it as some sort of diary, or journal for the femme.. Her name is Sally Scarlet. and it is supposed to be her plans on how to get her revenge. its all done very quickly and untidy. very much in the heat of the moment. ( this is something i will explore in the film. she will plan her revenge quickly, and when she is angry.. and then she will hide it. in between other books and such. Kind of like, shes over it. 'time to get back to my life'
but then something will happen which makes her get it back out again.
I'm not completely sure what though. like i said. this all had to be pretty rushed because my first idea completely died!. but actually i think i prefer this idea.

Here are some pages from the sketchbook, i did mean to get digital versions of the actual book in colour. but i  forgot, fortunately there was a photo copier at the post office so i managed to get something!.

 then lots of blank pages....

then a few more blanks pages....

i like the idea that she plans what she will wear, before she plans what to do.

I've also created a sort of poster for it...

which looks at some stuff that will happen in the film. but not quite how you would imagine. like the scissors look like they could be used to stab someone but in fact they'll be used to cut Sally's hair similarly the pills look like they could be used to drug someone, but I'm thinking they'll be used as a sort of paracetamol for sally. not completely decided yet.

There is also a new blog I've created for it. which can be found here.....
it needs some work. but the tiles in the background are important. they will be a recurring theme in the film.
Here are 3 different stages of Sally's costumes.
The first is a sort of slobby, not making an effort costume.

The second is where she IS making an effort.

And the third is her Femme fatale costume.

my plan was to make a sort of YouTube Vlog type film. with like lots of 5 minuets films of her day.
however i think this will be pretty hard for some of the scenes, because it will be hard for sally to film things that are happening to her.... if you get me?  unless if i just had an invisible sort of character, but then also i don't think they would just sit back and let some of the things happen. also, some of the shots i have planned it'd be pretty weird to have somebody watching then. So i think i will just film it in a traditional film way, but with lots of hand held wobbly camera type shots.

the reason for revenge isn't entirely decided on yet, but i dont think it will be a very big or bad reason. like i say, she plans it in hte heat of the moment, and then puts it away. but there then has to be another reason as to why she brings it back out, but again this won't be a very serious reason. (maybe serious to a teenage girl) but then i think it will make something worse happen.

I think throughout the film there will be shots of her in the bathroom. all looking very similar. Washing red hair dye out of her hair, (looking like blood in the bath/tiles) washing Mud off herself. (looking like blood) washing black hair dye... and then actually washing blood.

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