Wednesday, 12 January 2011


so I've spent my time after Christmas day, working on this film. its a film idea I've had for a few years, in fact one of the first films i ever made was another attempt at this, but i didn't complete the filming so i just made another film, using footage i had shot.

This is that film. 

and I'd decided to make it again. the filming went perfectly and everything was going to plan.
The plan was to print each frame off (12 frames per second) and turn them into prints

(the prints where you put ink on a table and then spread it out and then put paper over to top and draw over it, that print) well anyway, the first one worked. but then none of the others did, they just didn't look like they fitted together, i thought the unpredictability of the print would be nice, but it isn't...

so then i started to draw each shot my hand, but i didn't like this either.

so i came back to the computer and started to paint over each frame, in block colours for the different areas of the frame, but i didn't like THIS either,

then i started the white out all the negative space.

so... now I've decided. i like the story too much, to settle with this rubbish way, so I'm just gonna put it all down the experience, and move on.

this does however mean, i have nothing to put into my art house coop sketchbook project thing, but oh well...

I'll re shoot this film using real locations and such in the future.

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