Friday, 2 December 2011

Stages and Networking

So I’ve been helping out at a theatre, doing what I’m pretty sure classes as ‘Networking’. I’ll talk about this some more soon, but I wanted to talk about something else first.  For part of my personal work I’ve been looking at theatre and set design. I had a model that I made which was pretty bare and a little sad looking. 

It’s looked like this for a few months now, this week whilst helping at the theatre I learned a (Kinda) new skill I was taught a painting technique - HOW TO MAKE WOODEN FLOOR BOARDS! 

Here is the (unfinished) set for a production of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None’ - which I am helping out with – and I’ll talk about more some other time. 

And here is my little model now!!!!!! (Still Unfinished)

So . Yeah!   Networking Complete?

Monday, 28 November 2011


So ArtCamel has come to end - god I hope it’s come to an end – actually I’ve quite enjoyed it. It’s been a good experience. I’ve liked that I had to open up to different forms of art, from speaking with other groups they’ve said that their group work was based on bringing each person’s work, interests and strong points together to create a final piece, whereas for us it’s almost been a sort of total submission. Each week we had a different brief and we had to create something following the rules. For the first three briefs we were given the materials to use, so I couldn’t exactly go off and make a film.  The thing I tend to do most often, I found this to be very interesting and fun. I don’t think some of my own works during the briefs were of a very high standard, particularly during the first couple of briefs as the project wasn’t completely set out at that point and there was a number of ways we might have wanted to take it. One way was for us to manipulate the results, making one piece win over the others using different methods. Once the project was set out completely and we had decided on our ideas and goals I maybe took a little more care. Although not really.  Because the briefs had such a quick turn around this meant the work almost had to be quick responses. I do like that but maybe if we were to carry on we could look into having a longer period to make the work.
I’ve also enjoyed working in a team, it has been a mostly positive experience and I’m not put off from working in a group in the future. Although I think the whole group was generally on an equal level I found that we did tend to have a ‘leader’ and I don’t think this was necessarily a bad thing. The only problem I found was I would leave the studio one day and come back the next for the plans to have been changed. I felt like he (the leader) would make decisions by himself and then they would be affective straight away, and although the decisions themselves were never bad ones and they always benefited  the group it would have been nice to have been a part of the full decision making process. After all I had been a part of making the original decisions. I felt he changed decisions so much that I began to think he had his own personal success project, he was changing our group project so he could engineer his own success. Making the project 100% how he wanted it (Which actually would be a really good project I think). Anyway this was just my own paranoia and it was only slight paranoia at that.  Also, it’s better to have someone be so passionate and involved in the project to be thinking about it when the other members of the groups are not there, than to have someone who doesn't take part in the decision making process and leaves the work to the other members.
Overall ArtCamel has been a 'success' .

Sunday, 30 October 2011



So I’ve been helping out at a little theatre near my house called The Garrick (LINK) I’m not really sure if this counts as ‘Networking’ because I had to pay to become a member, but I hope it does count! I mean I’m learning new skills, and working out how things work.  So far I haven’t actually done much. I drilled a piece of wood to another piece of wood, I hung two pictures up on a set and I helped take down a set. In the next production they do I will be an assistant stage manager and I plan to hopefully do some directing  in the future, and I may even attempt to use some original writing, which would mean I would have to finally finish some original writing.

Here is a little poster to some original writing (because it makes most sense to do the poster before actually writing it)  its about a bunch of young adults that get the first train home

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

His Dark Materials

All last year the second years told us about the second year having briefs we had to work to, but I still managed to forget this!
I had planned to do something.
My plan was...
I’ve been reading this play...

The play is based on a series of books which I really like.

The play has lots of puppets and interesting costumes and such, so I thought it would be exciting to design and create some of the more important puppets and costumes. The play is also set between different worlds (Lyra’s world, our world, Cittagaze and the land of the dead) so I thought it would be interesting to try to create different atmospheres for the different worlds.

I don’t know much about plays, but I really like when they have a non-representational stage which means that lighting and projections become key.  I’ve created a basic stage plan and model. Since making the model I decided a higher level towards the back of the stage needs to be included for a number of reasons:
1.      So some puppeteers could hide behind it
2.      So there is places to sit without having to bring chairs on (meaning props and scenery can be at a minimum)
3.      So with lighting and maybe smoke, if the witches run across it, it could look like they are flying.
I imagine the set to be a back curtain and the black floor, they will all have gold paint flicked and dribbled onto it, which fits into the plays idea of ‘Dust’. The curtain will be placed in from the back of the stage, leaving a gap so some scenery could be stored behind as well as the back projector. This would also mean that it could be places anywhere, onto an existing stage or in a warehouse.  Again since making the model, I’ve decided to add a white section into the middle of the black curtain to make projections easier and the break up the black so it’s not so dauntingly dark.
Here are some basic sketches of costumes and puppet ideas.



Our World-

Mrs Coulter
First- (With Large Fur Coat)

Polar Bears-

Harpy -

Angel Puppet -

Salcilia (Roger's Dæmon) -


I should point out that the play is actually 6 hours long. (it’s two 3hour plays, and when it was originally performed they did Part One the first night and then Part Two the following) so I don’t imagine that I would ever actually perform it, but I intend to create the puppets and then I guess if they are successful I could take them to a theatre company and turn it into some of that networking thing everyone’s so fond of.

I still plan to carry on with this project whilst undertaking the group ‘success’ project.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

a final quick storyboard edit for the mary greg project.

its just been cleaned up a little bit, and is now HD!!!!!!!!! heres what i've wrote about it too.

"A few weeks after the Platt Hall visit, where I got my first chance to witness some of Mary Greg's collection, I was helping my Nana sort out a spare bedroom where lots of her old things had be stored, sort of like her own personal Mary Greg like collection. In her collection I found her old wedding dress and I knew that I wanted to use it as a costume as well as the basis of a narrative plot in a short film.
My plan was to make the film include different ideas behind the Mary Greg Collection, such as: Letter writing, collection, interaction between different generations, Then and Now. Etc.
As Mary's collection is filled with lots of little things, I wanted to use Doll's house furniture in shots but never revealing it is dolls house furniture. My plan was to start my own collection of doll's house furniture but it was quickly suggested that I use Mary's own collection. I think this will be good in bringing my project back to Mary and will be a good way of showing off one small part of her collection.
Here is a quick storyboard edit of the film, for the final film I will reshoot all of the footage to a higher quality and use the doll's house furniture for the shots where I have used my drawings."

Friday, 22 April 2011

baloon boy

Sally Scarlett Photoshoot

I knew i wouldn't start filming and editing the actual film for a while, but i wanted to take some photos of costumes and such.