Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mary, you should'nt let 'em make you mad

two bits of good news. firstly today's presentation talk thing went well, so I'm sure i get to carry on with the project, although I'm not really sure how it works.
AND the other bit of good news is that i got a reply from the band The Mariner's Children who's song is it that's used in the film. they said it was fine to use the song but  asked me if i could just use the EP version of the song instead of mixing the live version in at the end, but in not annoyed by this or anything. in fact i like that they asked me to do it, makes me feel like a real film maker having to change things and listen to what other people want. it's exciting.

anyway here's a drawing...just to make it more art relevant

 a bride with her mother and grandmother

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  1. excellent news..always be ready to adapt..a true Iarts student!