Monday, 6 December 2010


I've been having a think of how to display my work, both in plat hall, and for the exhibition in the LINK GALLERY.

Here's one of my ideas.

as well as stealing the wedding dress of my Nana, I've also stolen an old suitcase. the plan is to put this on a table, one fitting in with the old style of the dress, and inside the suitcase would be all the doll house pieces (obviously if i use Mary Greg's doll house furniture collection, i won't be able to do this.) there will also be a note inviting people to pick up the pieces.
this is the set up, as for the dress, I'm not really too sure if i will include it, as i feel it makes the setup look unbalanced, but i guess i could try putting the television more in the centre, or just try different ways.

The suitcase, I've re-lined it, with some of my Nana's left over material (to keep in with the stealing from my Nana theme).

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