Tuesday, 28 December 2010

new projects on the go!!!

so i've made a new list of projects, that are on the go (look the right)
they're not all exactly what they seem, and i'll explaine more about the different projects over the next few days.
heres the list again

  1. Mary Greg Film
  2. Art House Coop 'Revenge' film (Sketchbook project)
  3. Sheeps (maybe just the) head in a box
  4. Monster Revealer spray (painting/drawing)
  5. Glossop, flying project.
  6. 'How I' animations


Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Mary, you should'nt let 'em make you mad

two bits of good news. firstly today's presentation talk thing went well, so I'm sure i get to carry on with the project, although I'm not really sure how it works.
AND the other bit of good news is that i got a reply from the band The Mariner's Children who's song is it that's used in the film. they said it was fine to use the song but  asked me if i could just use the EP version of the song instead of mixing the live version in at the end, but in not annoyed by this or anything. in fact i like that they asked me to do it, makes me feel like a real film maker having to change things and listen to what other people want. it's exciting.

anyway here's a drawing...just to make it more art relevant

 a bride with her mother and grandmother

Monday, 13 December 2010

Link Gallery

OK, so i didn't set it up how i wanted, but i also didn't have any doll's house furniture to put in my suitcase, so i felt there was no point. i think it looks a little spread out, and a little dull. but it's probably just because i always criticise my own work, and i guess it gets the point across, anyway here's a picture and also below is the version of the film shown in the Link. ENJOYYYYYY

Monday, 6 December 2010


I've been having a think of how to display my work, both in plat hall, and for the exhibition in the LINK GALLERY.

Here's one of my ideas.

as well as stealing the wedding dress of my Nana, I've also stolen an old suitcase. the plan is to put this on a table, one fitting in with the old style of the dress, and inside the suitcase would be all the doll house pieces (obviously if i use Mary Greg's doll house furniture collection, i won't be able to do this.) there will also be a note inviting people to pick up the pieces.
this is the set up, as for the dress, I'm not really too sure if i will include it, as i feel it makes the setup look unbalanced, but i guess i could try putting the television more in the centre, or just try different ways.

The suitcase, I've re-lined it, with some of my Nana's left over material (to keep in with the stealing from my Nana theme).