Monday, 8 November 2010

String Challenge

On Friday 29th October i was given a piece of string to look after. My first step in the protection and looking after of the string was to tie it to my bag, However after about 5 minuets it fell off. Luckily i was able to pick it back up, then it lived inside my bag. On the 31st of October it went to a Halloween movie night with me and watched a rubbish film called 'House on Haunted Hill'. Even though i had brought 'Hocus Pocus', 'Eagle Vs Shark' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' along. The string then helped me celebrate my birthday on the 1st and on the 2nd whilst i was at my Nana's house (stealing her wedding dress, and looking through her life) the string was swapped for a piece from my Nana's ball of string, which was the exact size, kinda....(cos, "How long is a piece of string?")
The new piece of string then stayed in my bag until the Thursday, when it was put onto a little doll I'm making to be used in an animation film. 

unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of either of the strings along the way, but i will however be posting pictures of the string used on the doll soon. 

And if you're worried about the original piece of string... don't worry, its having fun in my Nana's kitchen draw. 

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  1. I like the idea of it being an imposter is now living a new life...hope it settles in?