Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Round up of ideas/ Horror Movie Marathon.

I am someone that prefers to work on lots of different projects at the same time, but I feel like I’m becoming overloaded with basic ideas at the moment and would like to get my teeth into one project and concentrate on that. The problem is…which project?

Mary Greg Wedding Dress/ Film project
Mermaid Story
Dance Film
Matilda Film
Horror Movie Marathon Film
and the Glossop Project. 

I did have a wooden sacrifice film, but with not being able to burn it, and the fact that I think it’s probably about to fall to pieces, it’s probably best if I just throw it away. 

I already have the Glossop Project sorted in my head, and I intend for this just to be a quick thing.
So I feel the story/idea I am most interested in at the moment is the Horror Movie Marathon Film.

So here goes. 

It started with the Mermaid idea, I began making a very simple doll. I used aluminium wire to create a simple wire structure so I could move the doll around. I then put brown parcel tape on top to bulk out the puppet. The next step was to cover it in an off white/skin like coloured fabric. 

I then began to make the puppets clothes, in my ideas and sketch she is wearing a simple white dress, a bit like Alice in Wonderland, which would float around underwater.  I didn’t quite manage this, in a tangent, I created a black dress and a blue coat.(look out for the impostor string on the blue coat) also is seems to have got a tattoo on its leg whilst its been in my bag.

After showing it to a friend, he told me it reminded him of Frank N further from the Rocky Horror Picture show. 

And although I don’t quite agree, I guess I can see why… the blue coat could be his, blue overalls in the creation scene, and although he never wears a black dress like the one I made, mine is a bit see through. This then led me to look at some of the songs on YouTube, Which then led me to this photo (Below) From this video

This then made me to think of a song, ( Horror Movie Marathon by Peggy Sue) but unfortunately there isn’t  a video of it on YouTube, but I do have a MP3 version of the song.  The song is about someone that goes to a horror movie marathon, and I imagined there was an Usherette there, well anyway. I got from there to here….
So basically the plan is to make this film.
I’ll add character designs and set designs and photos of a small scale set I'm currently making soon.
the plan is to make the film look very shoddy, like with sets made from cardboard and very stylised, with the usherettes tray being made from a cardboard box and some ribbon, As for the film it won't really have anything to do with rocky horror as i don't really know much about it but it will include the usherette and i will research into some cult horror movies and such.

As for the dolls for the Mermaid Film, i think I'll remake them, use a different stuffing than Brown parcel tape, and maybe use a more contrasting coloured cotton for the stitching.

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