Monday, 22 November 2010

I’m not really sure how I should write these blogs. Do I write them to the world? Or just to my tutor, who I assume is the only person that ever reads them, but I guess on the slightest off chance, that somebody else actually reads them I’ll continue to direct them to the world.
So today we had a talk from an artist, tutor type person. This talk was probably the most interesting one, in my opinion at least. It was about film and sound, just what I’m into. The thing that was most interesting was when I found out that I’ve actually already been involved with one of his projects (somewhat).  He told us about how he collected a database of songs out of copyright, then invited different singers and bands to do cover version of these songs, which would then be copyleft, so free for people to use. I have in fact used one of these songs in a film. At the time when I used it, I didn’t know it was copyleft, I didn’t know it had been used in the talker’s project, I just liked the song, and felt it fitted into the scene.
I don’t actually have a final complete copy of the film, but I did use an extract in another project, which was about using clips of old work and other peoples work to create a new story (I guess kind of like the talkers project, except I didn’t think about copyright, I just stole ‘dem films!’)
So this is the film, if you go to about 4:20 in you’ll find it, or watch the whole thing, whatever.

A few weeks ago I was actually thinking about, picking this project back up and creating the final full film how I wanted it to be at the start. Today’s talk has just made me want to do this even more!
I’ll probably talk about my idea for the film, and the story behind it and why I wanted to make it in the first place another time, but for now….. BYE! 


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