Thursday, 11 November 2010

Horror Movie Marathon

So here is a film set prototype, mock type set.  The set is supposed to look deliberately shoddy, but here it just looks a bit shit. I imagine it will look more how I want it on a bigger scale.
real chairs would be used.
 the seats. (probably need to be less neat in their rows and maybe different numbers of seats per row)
 From Above
 Screen (actress would strand behind)
 Cinema Door, with film poster hole (actress would strand behind hole posing as a film poster)
 tree (just to show it's outside really)
 Outside layout
Inside layout.
 all of the sets would be lightweight, and i like the idea of the usherette being the person that moves the sets around. 

I originally thought of this as a form of on stage performance, but I feel setting this up as an actual performance would be too much effort, such as advertising it, selling tickets and getting an audience into the theatre for something that would essentially be a 4 minuet performance.  So I think what I’ll do is record from a couple of cameras at the same time from different positions, whilst the action happens in real time.  I could also then use this idea if there is ever some form of event where this could be performed with other performances.
I’m not really sure about the likelihood of being able to use an actual theatre but at the moment this I what I want to do.  I’m also not too sure how theatres look striped down from sets and such, but I imagine they have simple brick walls, and hopefully painted white and hopefully the paint work wouldn’t be perfect. 


The Girl. 
the only 'normal' looking one, wears a simple top that ends below the waist and simple black pants. Messy hair. 

The Boy.

Large white t-shirt flowy and dramatic. Very tight black jeans, Black greasy hair. 

The Actress. 

Dramatic dress. 

(Grace Kelly in Rear Window)

The Usherette 
Usherette outfit (looks a bit like a maids costume in sketch but not supposed to be)

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