Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mary Greg Film

I should point out that this is in no way apart of the final film, i do not think i will be using any of this footage in my final film, and the only thing that's bound to stay the same is the song. (unless if i decide to have no music)
this is just so i can see how long shots will be, give an idea of what is happening, so i can show actors what the film involves? so i can get interest in it and feedback and such.
Where I've used drawings these will be changed. for the scenes inside the house. the plan is to make a small house model. (probably only the inside of the rooms, instead of the whole house) with doll house furniture found in charity shops or anywhere else used to make up the furniture.
The scenes involving the wedding dress, and the wedding day footage, the plan for that is to use a different actor for the 1950 wedding. but just to keep it with the groom and bride (as i imagine that this bits where filmed after the wedding and after the party, when they opened up their presents and the camera was one)
For the shot of the house, i will film this myself, instead of using a shot from Google maps. and the scene where the granddaughter is looking for the wedding dress, the set will be constructed more with lots of cardboard boxes for her to look through, instead of tins of food. For the 2010 wedding footage, i would like to use a more Wedding type garden, maybe outside a church, or a hotel. with other guests, including the brides mother and grandmother.

i realise I've probably made no sense, but i know what i mean!!!!!!!

so here's the film... Think of it as a Moving Storyboard, as opposed to an actual film.

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