Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mary Greg Film,

So i did all the drawings for the sort of storyboard film version of my film that i plan to make for the Mary Greg project, although i like these photos on their own, i think maybe i need to make them bigger for the storyboard version of the film. ( by storyboard version of the film i mean, an edit of the film but with drawings instead of actual items, this is to help me with shot lengths and angles and such) Here are the drawings.
 Tell my mother that i love her
But i must be on my way
Main items are:
Photo of "Man's" mother
Took a few things from the cupboard
That i promise to replace
Kitchen Cupboard
 Left some money on the table
Be wise and spend it well
For the harvest hasn't yielded
And there's nothing left to sell
with letter to 'Jane' on 
envelope of money

 Take the children to the schoolhouse
Don't let them stay up late
Kiss them goodnight and make sure
There's food upon their plates
Feed them properly, Feed them Healthy.
coat rail with 2 children's coats
children's shoes
Apple Tree ornament
cupboard with ornamental plates
Photo of Man (maybe with children)
 There's apples on the tree
Tell them regularly that I love them
Don't let them forget me
 same as above

There's no more coal for
The fire my love
But I'll gladly Burn myself
There's nothing left for
To try my love
So bottoms up dead
Here's to your health
For the chorus, it will cut to shots of a wedding
where the wedding dress will be used.
it will look like an old family video and will
contrast the moody slow pace of the verse
with a happy, shaky hand held camera. 

(wedding dress)

 There's a bucket in the stable
Case you need it for the well
 And a rifle in the cradle
Case the neighbours come to wish us well
I'll try to be back soon
Before the rains set in
But who knows what my fortune
will hold, what it'll bring
Window (with rain)

There is then another chorus where the same idea as before will be used. 

There is then a sort of break in the song, with an instrumental.  in this. there will be. 
A establishing shot of a modern day house, with a title '50 years later' 
It will then go inside the house and will show a girl, around my age in a dusty room with lots of boxes and sheets over items. there will be lots of shots such as her running her fingers over dusty shelves, flipping through different documents. a dramatic shot of her pulling a white sheet down etc.... 
She will then find the dress and put it in front of her body.  
It will then go to her wedding, she is wearing the wedding dress ( maybe modernised) and similar to the previous home made video, this will be the same, except fitting in with the date,
it will then end with a shot of, The girl, her mother, and her grandmother (the original owner of dress) 
there will be no shot of the grandfather. showing that he didn't actually ever come home ( or just keeping it ambiguous)

For the house parts of the film. I'm thinking about maybe using a scaled down sort of dolls house version (but never establishing its a dolls house, making it feel like a regular human sized house) after all it will be a lot easier to find a small toy rifle than a real one.
Here is a link to the song i intend to use for the film. HERE
I would be using a studio recorded version though, buts its pretty much the same.  i do however like the end bit on the YouTube video where they all sing and there's no instruments, which doesn't happen on the studio version, so i might somehow cut them together 
the only problem would be a copyright issue with the song, but as the band aren't really that big, I'd imagine they'd be a lot easier to get rights to use their songs, and they would probably be more open to allowing me. Failing this, i think the film could also work with some other form of sound or even no sound at all ( or maybe a sort of nice hiss)

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