Sunday, 14 November 2010

Collection of data about a crazy old lady.

when thinking about the Mary Greg Project, i was interested in the collecting element.
i wanted to begin to collect different things. I've been collecting my train tickets and thinking about a possible idea to start a letter writing relationship with somebody. Without wanting to bring everything back to this film, BUT the film Mary and Max tells to story of a letter writing friendship between the two characters.
Mary picks Max at random from a phonebook. So this would be something i would want to do, i would simply write letters to stranger and hope for a reply, but even if there is no reply i would simply still write to them for a set period of time.

This also leads me to Book called 'The Perks Of Being a Wallflower' about a boy called charlie that writes letters to an unknown person (who i think is supposed to be the reader, but this isn't ever made clear) Where he tells them what has happened in his life, without ever revealing his identity or telling his address so he doesn't ever get a reply. This is also something else i could do.

But back to what the title of this post is called... The Crazy old lady.

I don't really think she is crazy, but it just felt like it would make a better title. This lady lives around the corner from me, who i always see in her garden, messing around, moving her gnomes around putting different garden ornaments in her garden, setting up bird tables and bird feeders, painting plant pots, putting lights around her garden, etc... The problem is, after the first day of collecting this data, i haven't actually seen her.

this could be because its become winter and colder, but this is something i will be keeping up with.

data so far.

seems like I've lost the notebook with the data collected in, i guess I'll start again at another time.

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