Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Mary Greg Film

I should point out that this is in no way apart of the final film, i do not think i will be using any of this footage in my final film, and the only thing that's bound to stay the same is the song. (unless if i decide to have no music)
this is just so i can see how long shots will be, give an idea of what is happening, so i can show actors what the film involves? so i can get interest in it and feedback and such.
Where I've used drawings these will be changed. for the scenes inside the house. the plan is to make a small house model. (probably only the inside of the rooms, instead of the whole house) with doll house furniture found in charity shops or anywhere else used to make up the furniture.
The scenes involving the wedding dress, and the wedding day footage, the plan for that is to use a different actor for the 1950 wedding. but just to keep it with the groom and bride (as i imagine that this bits where filmed after the wedding and after the party, when they opened up their presents and the camera was one)
For the shot of the house, i will film this myself, instead of using a shot from Google maps. and the scene where the granddaughter is looking for the wedding dress, the set will be constructed more with lots of cardboard boxes for her to look through, instead of tins of food. For the 2010 wedding footage, i would like to use a more Wedding type garden, maybe outside a church, or a hotel. with other guests, including the brides mother and grandmother.

i realise I've probably made no sense, but i know what i mean!!!!!!!

so here's the film... Think of it as a Moving Storyboard, as opposed to an actual film.

Florence on Fire!

i've noticed at gigs that out of all the photos you take you end up with 70% bad photos, because of the bad lighting and such. But i always kind of liked these.
Here are some of mine.

Wedding Dress.

Here is a photo of somebody wearing the wedding dress.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

New footage of a wedding 50 years ago found!

not really... i've probabaly made it look too old, but it gets the point across.

real 1950's footage (or at least footage created on a 1950's camera.

Monday, 22 November 2010


I’m not really sure how I should write these blogs. Do I write them to the world? Or just to my tutor, who I assume is the only person that ever reads them, but I guess on the slightest off chance, that somebody else actually reads them I’ll continue to direct them to the world.
So today we had a talk from an artist, tutor type person. This talk was probably the most interesting one, in my opinion at least. It was about film and sound, just what I’m into. The thing that was most interesting was when I found out that I’ve actually already been involved with one of his projects (somewhat).  He told us about how he collected a database of songs out of copyright, then invited different singers and bands to do cover version of these songs, which would then be copyleft, so free for people to use. I have in fact used one of these songs in a film. At the time when I used it, I didn’t know it was copyleft, I didn’t know it had been used in the talker’s project, I just liked the song, and felt it fitted into the scene.
I don’t actually have a final complete copy of the film, but I did use an extract in another project, which was about using clips of old work and other peoples work to create a new story (I guess kind of like the talkers project, except I didn’t think about copyright, I just stole ‘dem films!’)
So this is the film, if you go to about 4:20 in you’ll find it, or watch the whole thing, whatever.

A few weeks ago I was actually thinking about, picking this project back up and creating the final full film how I wanted it to be at the start. Today’s talk has just made me want to do this even more!
I’ll probably talk about my idea for the film, and the story behind it and why I wanted to make it in the first place another time, but for now….. BYE! 


Thursday, 18 November 2010

Mary Greg Film,

So i did all the drawings for the sort of storyboard film version of my film that i plan to make for the Mary Greg project, although i like these photos on their own, i think maybe i need to make them bigger for the storyboard version of the film. ( by storyboard version of the film i mean, an edit of the film but with drawings instead of actual items, this is to help me with shot lengths and angles and such) Here are the drawings.
 Tell my mother that i love her
But i must be on my way
Main items are:
Photo of "Man's" mother
Took a few things from the cupboard
That i promise to replace
Kitchen Cupboard
 Left some money on the table
Be wise and spend it well
For the harvest hasn't yielded
And there's nothing left to sell
with letter to 'Jane' on 
envelope of money

 Take the children to the schoolhouse
Don't let them stay up late
Kiss them goodnight and make sure
There's food upon their plates
Feed them properly, Feed them Healthy.
coat rail with 2 children's coats
children's shoes
Apple Tree ornament
cupboard with ornamental plates
Photo of Man (maybe with children)
 There's apples on the tree
Tell them regularly that I love them
Don't let them forget me
 same as above

There's no more coal for
The fire my love
But I'll gladly Burn myself
There's nothing left for
To try my love
So bottoms up dead
Here's to your health
For the chorus, it will cut to shots of a wedding
where the wedding dress will be used.
it will look like an old family video and will
contrast the moody slow pace of the verse
with a happy, shaky hand held camera. 

(wedding dress)

 There's a bucket in the stable
Case you need it for the well
 And a rifle in the cradle
Case the neighbours come to wish us well
I'll try to be back soon
Before the rains set in
But who knows what my fortune
will hold, what it'll bring
Window (with rain)

There is then another chorus where the same idea as before will be used. 

There is then a sort of break in the song, with an instrumental.  in this. there will be. 
A establishing shot of a modern day house, with a title '50 years later' 
It will then go inside the house and will show a girl, around my age in a dusty room with lots of boxes and sheets over items. there will be lots of shots such as her running her fingers over dusty shelves, flipping through different documents. a dramatic shot of her pulling a white sheet down etc.... 
She will then find the dress and put it in front of her body.  
It will then go to her wedding, she is wearing the wedding dress ( maybe modernised) and similar to the previous home made video, this will be the same, except fitting in with the date,
it will then end with a shot of, The girl, her mother, and her grandmother (the original owner of dress) 
there will be no shot of the grandfather. showing that he didn't actually ever come home ( or just keeping it ambiguous)

For the house parts of the film. I'm thinking about maybe using a scaled down sort of dolls house version (but never establishing its a dolls house, making it feel like a regular human sized house) after all it will be a lot easier to find a small toy rifle than a real one.
Here is a link to the song i intend to use for the film. HERE
I would be using a studio recorded version though, buts its pretty much the same.  i do however like the end bit on the YouTube video where they all sing and there's no instruments, which doesn't happen on the studio version, so i might somehow cut them together 
the only problem would be a copyright issue with the song, but as the band aren't really that big, I'd imagine they'd be a lot easier to get rights to use their songs, and they would probably be more open to allowing me. Failing this, i think the film could also work with some other form of sound or even no sound at all ( or maybe a sort of nice hiss)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Collection of data about a crazy old lady.

when thinking about the Mary Greg Project, i was interested in the collecting element.
i wanted to begin to collect different things. I've been collecting my train tickets and thinking about a possible idea to start a letter writing relationship with somebody. Without wanting to bring everything back to this film, BUT the film Mary and Max tells to story of a letter writing friendship between the two characters.
Mary picks Max at random from a phonebook. So this would be something i would want to do, i would simply write letters to stranger and hope for a reply, but even if there is no reply i would simply still write to them for a set period of time.

This also leads me to Book called 'The Perks Of Being a Wallflower' about a boy called charlie that writes letters to an unknown person (who i think is supposed to be the reader, but this isn't ever made clear) Where he tells them what has happened in his life, without ever revealing his identity or telling his address so he doesn't ever get a reply. This is also something else i could do.

But back to what the title of this post is called... The Crazy old lady.

I don't really think she is crazy, but it just felt like it would make a better title. This lady lives around the corner from me, who i always see in her garden, messing around, moving her gnomes around putting different garden ornaments in her garden, setting up bird tables and bird feeders, painting plant pots, putting lights around her garden, etc... The problem is, after the first day of collecting this data, i haven't actually seen her.

this could be because its become winter and colder, but this is something i will be keeping up with.

data so far.

seems like I've lost the notebook with the data collected in, i guess I'll start again at another time.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Giant Flower

in the summer when i was decorating my bedroom, i was frustrated at the amount of wallpaper that has a flower theme, with there not really being much else.

so i made a giant flower made up of wallpapers all with a flower pattern on on a wall in a spare room, using a flower design on one of the samples of wallpaper

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Horror Movie Marathon

So here is a film set prototype, mock type set.  The set is supposed to look deliberately shoddy, but here it just looks a bit shit. I imagine it will look more how I want it on a bigger scale.
real chairs would be used.
 the seats. (probably need to be less neat in their rows and maybe different numbers of seats per row)
 From Above
 Screen (actress would strand behind)
 Cinema Door, with film poster hole (actress would strand behind hole posing as a film poster)
 tree (just to show it's outside really)
 Outside layout
Inside layout.
 all of the sets would be lightweight, and i like the idea of the usherette being the person that moves the sets around. 

I originally thought of this as a form of on stage performance, but I feel setting this up as an actual performance would be too much effort, such as advertising it, selling tickets and getting an audience into the theatre for something that would essentially be a 4 minuet performance.  So I think what I’ll do is record from a couple of cameras at the same time from different positions, whilst the action happens in real time.  I could also then use this idea if there is ever some form of event where this could be performed with other performances.
I’m not really sure about the likelihood of being able to use an actual theatre but at the moment this I what I want to do.  I’m also not too sure how theatres look striped down from sets and such, but I imagine they have simple brick walls, and hopefully painted white and hopefully the paint work wouldn’t be perfect. 


The Girl. 
the only 'normal' looking one, wears a simple top that ends below the waist and simple black pants. Messy hair. 

The Boy.

Large white t-shirt flowy and dramatic. Very tight black jeans, Black greasy hair. 

The Actress. 

Dramatic dress. 

(Grace Kelly in Rear Window)

The Usherette 
Usherette outfit (looks a bit like a maids costume in sketch but not supposed to be)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Round up of ideas/ Horror Movie Marathon.

I am someone that prefers to work on lots of different projects at the same time, but I feel like I’m becoming overloaded with basic ideas at the moment and would like to get my teeth into one project and concentrate on that. The problem is…which project?

Mary Greg Wedding Dress/ Film project
Mermaid Story
Dance Film
Matilda Film
Horror Movie Marathon Film
and the Glossop Project. 

I did have a wooden sacrifice film, but with not being able to burn it, and the fact that I think it’s probably about to fall to pieces, it’s probably best if I just throw it away. 

I already have the Glossop Project sorted in my head, and I intend for this just to be a quick thing.
So I feel the story/idea I am most interested in at the moment is the Horror Movie Marathon Film.

So here goes. 

It started with the Mermaid idea, I began making a very simple doll. I used aluminium wire to create a simple wire structure so I could move the doll around. I then put brown parcel tape on top to bulk out the puppet. The next step was to cover it in an off white/skin like coloured fabric. 

I then began to make the puppets clothes, in my ideas and sketch she is wearing a simple white dress, a bit like Alice in Wonderland, which would float around underwater.  I didn’t quite manage this, in a tangent, I created a black dress and a blue coat.(look out for the impostor string on the blue coat) also is seems to have got a tattoo on its leg whilst its been in my bag.

After showing it to a friend, he told me it reminded him of Frank N further from the Rocky Horror Picture show. 

And although I don’t quite agree, I guess I can see why… the blue coat could be his, blue overalls in the creation scene, and although he never wears a black dress like the one I made, mine is a bit see through. This then led me to look at some of the songs on YouTube, Which then led me to this photo (Below) From this video

This then made me to think of a song, ( Horror Movie Marathon by Peggy Sue) but unfortunately there isn’t  a video of it on YouTube, but I do have a MP3 version of the song.  The song is about someone that goes to a horror movie marathon, and I imagined there was an Usherette there, well anyway. I got from there to here….
So basically the plan is to make this film.
I’ll add character designs and set designs and photos of a small scale set I'm currently making soon.
the plan is to make the film look very shoddy, like with sets made from cardboard and very stylised, with the usherettes tray being made from a cardboard box and some ribbon, As for the film it won't really have anything to do with rocky horror as i don't really know much about it but it will include the usherette and i will research into some cult horror movies and such.

As for the dolls for the Mermaid Film, i think I'll remake them, use a different stuffing than Brown parcel tape, and maybe use a more contrasting coloured cotton for the stitching.

Monday, 8 November 2010

String Challenge

On Friday 29th October i was given a piece of string to look after. My first step in the protection and looking after of the string was to tie it to my bag, However after about 5 minuets it fell off. Luckily i was able to pick it back up, then it lived inside my bag. On the 31st of October it went to a Halloween movie night with me and watched a rubbish film called 'House on Haunted Hill'. Even though i had brought 'Hocus Pocus', 'Eagle Vs Shark' and 'Pan's Labyrinth' along. The string then helped me celebrate my birthday on the 1st and on the 2nd whilst i was at my Nana's house (stealing her wedding dress, and looking through her life) the string was swapped for a piece from my Nana's ball of string, which was the exact size, kinda....(cos, "How long is a piece of string?")
The new piece of string then stayed in my bag until the Thursday, when it was put onto a little doll I'm making to be used in an animation film. 

unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of either of the strings along the way, but i will however be posting pictures of the string used on the doll soon. 

And if you're worried about the original piece of string... don't worry, its having fun in my Nana's kitchen draw. 

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cardboard Project.

Through the magic of Facebook, I was told about a project a previous student had come into the studio with. It was something I wanted to be involved with. I was told that it had be made from a piece of cardboard.
I’m really not sure if it is suitable for the project, but  I had fun making it. 

oh yeah its a shadow theatre.