Monday, 11 October 2010


So after two years of my friend suffering in my films, wearing old sheets rubbishy wrapped around her, bits of fabric ripped up and tied around, Even having a sheep’s heart put onto her top. 

I deicide it would be nice if I made her a real costume. My first thought was to go to my nana’s house and ask her to get her sewing machine out, but not wanting to dress to look at least slightly well made, I decide to make it myself.
My first stop is to a local fabric shop…

The shop is called ‘pound a yard, fabrics’ but this is in fact a lie, with one fabric being £7.99 a yard (I won’t be using this one). This shop is something I have walked past all my life, but never really been in; the shop is as I suspect…Full of lots of different fabrics.  I get £4 worth of basic white fabric.
Once I'm home, I decide the white fabric is far too white, so I get the tea bags out.
The dress is easier to make than I expect (I imagine it would be a lot harder to make a real dress) and I finish it off with a piece of blue flowery fabric, which then got changed to an old red tie. 

The dress reminds me of a something that would be seen in a film about witch craft and evil forces, which fits in with the film I intend to use the dress in.
I was inspired by the iconic Carrie dress... minus the blood

The next step is to Write the basic plot, find some music and fix the Sacrifice tower as after a year in a busy student art studio, and being moved around my house for 4 months it has begun to fall to pieces 


As of now, I have wrote the basic plot and plan for the film, and even found a song I would like to use, however I do not want to commit to it now, and would like to keep my options open.

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