Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tinkerbell in sexy photo shoot.

Basically I just spent the day abusing a children's Tinkerbell doll. 

I like all the different juxtapositions in the different shots. the juxtapositions in size: (assuming that the Tinkerbell Doll could, for a second, be confused as a real person)  the size of the lights, pencils and other items found in the shots in contrast to the model.

Also, the juxtaposition in the doll and the shoot itself.  The doll is primarily a child's play thing, and is meant to be enjoyed by children. I have attempted to put it into an adult and (somewhat) 'sexy' situation.
I could continue with this theme, by using other iconic children's character dolls in the same way, or make my own models which would mean that i have more options when it comes to positions as the dolls have limited movements.

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