Thursday, 7 October 2010

Swede Film Project.

I was the member of our team which picked our film -in a name out of a hat sense- , to the initial annoyance of my team, we got Hairspray. 

The version we was supposed to swede was the original John Walters version. However, with none of us having actually watched this version, and with the library not having a copy of it, we decided to be inspired by the more recent musical version.  Which between us we had a decent knowledge of.

We started by sharing what we actually knew about the film, and then we each looked on the internet for YouTube clips and information from different websites, we then came up with a basic plan of what we would include in the film.
On the second day we began to film, we started by making props such as TV’s and paper dolls for the Corny Collins show dancers.
I think the final film, although it doesn’t explore some of the important elements in the film, such as racial segregation, The 2 minuet film does show the tone of the original film, so I believe we have successfully sweded Hairspray.

1 comment:

  1. love the heart fade in...
    good use of coronation street sets too.
    Very inventive