Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mermaid animation (Idea and early drawings)

With my original idea for a stop motion animation being changed to a live action film, I decided to make a stop motion film from another idea I have, this idea came from a dream. The film is primarily about a sort of Mermaid, although it won’t be the typical mermaid.

 (drawing using watercolour pencils.
On the back of a left over piece of wallpaper.
Created day after dream)
The story from my dream goes on for quite a bit, so would take a long time, so I plan to only make the opening. I will then go on to make the rest of the film, or another section of it, depending on weather the first part was a success and If I have to energy and the motivation to carry on the process of making a stop motion animation.

 (Mermaid Drawing)
 (Mermaid Drawing Close Up)

From the knowledge I already have, I know that there is about 24 frames per second in a stop motion, but I will have to do some research into this to make sure that this is the case, or weather I would want to use more or less to give a more realistic or less realistic feel.

 (Unidentified Underwater Creature)

Being the hoarder of ideas that I am, I don’t really want to go too much into the storyline yet, but I will share some of the drawings I’ve done for the different sets and characters. 

 (Girl Sat At Dock)

Another part of my project would be to research  how I would want to create the underwater world. I could actually animate with the puppets under water, but I feel it would be easier and give a greater look if i where to create a water atmosphere using lights and materials instead.
(Girl Underwater)

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