Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Dance Film Also

Also, i guess i should say, The Dance film is not actually about dancing. There will just be lots of Stretches and silhouettes. I believe what i said when i was trying to sound clever about it was...

"its a film that shows the build up and the aftermath of an event, without ever actually showing the 'event'." 
 it's also going to have the very important shot when somebody is on stage, Where the characters head covers the spot light, then moves slightly giving off some lens flare

the film will also have a Nonlinear narrative.

one day one of my films will develop past the planning stages...

Dance Film

the character design is mostly done, what i need to do now is find the actors find the locations...not much.

Here are some drawings i've done, and some images of inspiration.

Dancer in Club Costume
Drawing Two

Drawing on Paint
Jane Horrocks in Cabaret
 Nigella Lawson.
Cate Blanchett in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
 The Assistant
 The singers
 The boy

Sketchbook Project

So I decided to do the Sketchbook project.
the theme I got was ‘Revenge’  which was probably the theme I’d have picked for myself, so I'm pretty happy, I still have no idea what I’m going to do for this project.
My first thought was to a sort of scrapbook of design ideas of reason why i need revenge and how I’ll get it, but I would also maybe like to look into some form of Femme Fatal theme.
This would mean researching and exploring lots of films and literature.

 My idea of femme fatal is the character ‘Woman in blonde wig ’ from the film 'Chungking Express', this character as a visual is something I have used in a number of my films and other artwork, and is a character and visual look I am interested in. 

But to be honest, I have no idea.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Mermaid Update.

Today i began the puppet making process, it was probably a bit rushed, but i wanted to get on with something.
at first i tried to simply use clay, but the character design i have isn't really suited to this, the characters best suited to clay puppets are more stocky & short characters,
Such as Wallace. However i want slender & tall characters. my best bet would be to look into how the puppets are made in Tim Burton Stop Motion animations, as his characters tend to be slim and tall.

As for the Clay Puppets, my models didn't go to plan and kept breaking, i did however make another puppet which has no relevance to the original project, but it was nice to create a puppet nonetheless. i hope to make a short animation using this puppet, but i don't have the patience today or a clear idea.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Mermaid animation (Idea and early drawings)

With my original idea for a stop motion animation being changed to a live action film, I decided to make a stop motion film from another idea I have, this idea came from a dream. The film is primarily about a sort of Mermaid, although it won’t be the typical mermaid.

 (drawing using watercolour pencils.
On the back of a left over piece of wallpaper.
Created day after dream)
The story from my dream goes on for quite a bit, so would take a long time, so I plan to only make the opening. I will then go on to make the rest of the film, or another section of it, depending on weather the first part was a success and If I have to energy and the motivation to carry on the process of making a stop motion animation.

 (Mermaid Drawing)
 (Mermaid Drawing Close Up)

From the knowledge I already have, I know that there is about 24 frames per second in a stop motion, but I will have to do some research into this to make sure that this is the case, or weather I would want to use more or less to give a more realistic or less realistic feel.

 (Unidentified Underwater Creature)

Being the hoarder of ideas that I am, I don’t really want to go too much into the storyline yet, but I will share some of the drawings I’ve done for the different sets and characters. 

 (Girl Sat At Dock)

Another part of my project would be to research  how I would want to create the underwater world. I could actually animate with the puppets under water, but I feel it would be easier and give a greater look if i where to create a water atmosphere using lights and materials instead.
(Girl Underwater)

Monday, 18 October 2010

Mary and Max

Theres a film I watched recently (within the last year at least), called ‘Mary and Max’ it is a clay-animated stop motion film. It is directed and written by Adam Elliot, who is someone I haven’t heard of before and I’m not aware of any of his other work. 

I’m very interested in the idea of having something which is primarily meant for children, a cartoon, but is put in an adult context.
The film explores themes such as loneliness, bullying, depression childhood neglect and Asperger’s syndrome.
I’m not really sure why, but Asperger’s syndrome is someone else I am interested in. I think I could be to do with the way their minds work (at least the ones that I’ve encountered in Film and T.V.) especially the character in ‘Mark Haddon’s’ ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in The Night time.’

The film somewhat reminds me of Amelie, mainly as there is a narrator who talks about all the little details in the film, such as how Mary has a birthmark on her face which looks like poo, which she later gets surgically removed. 

The scene which inspires me the most, and which stays in my head more so than the others, is a scene where Adult Mary, having just been left by her husband so he can go live with a sheep farmer from new Zealand, is drinking heavily and is clearly considering some form suicide, it goes inside her mind and gets all, which can only be described as, ‘trippy’,with photos from her life floating around and it shows that she has a baby inside her belly, which is beautifully done. 
I also like the irony that she is the only character that actually considers suicide, but doesn’t die. Where the rest of her family, who don’t even consider suicide, die in freak accidents what look like they have committed suicide. 

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tinkerbell in sexy photo shoot.

Basically I just spent the day abusing a children's Tinkerbell doll. 

I like all the different juxtapositions in the different shots. the juxtapositions in size: (assuming that the Tinkerbell Doll could, for a second, be confused as a real person)  the size of the lights, pencils and other items found in the shots in contrast to the model.

Also, the juxtaposition in the doll and the shoot itself.  The doll is primarily a child's play thing, and is meant to be enjoyed by children. I have attempted to put it into an adult and (somewhat) 'sexy' situation.
I could continue with this theme, by using other iconic children's character dolls in the same way, or make my own models which would mean that i have more options when it comes to positions as the dolls have limited movements.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Update on Sacrifice tower film / Silk screen.

On Tuesday morning I began by doing a Silk Screen induction. Silk screen printing isn’t what I was expecting it to be, and is actually a lot more interesting than I thought. The process is something I would like to use more in my work and I look forward to finding different ways to use the silk screen process as well as the print workshops. 

Original acetate sheet

Print One

Print Two

The rest of the day was dedicated to fixing the wooden sacrifice tower. I began by going to a local park to look for sticks, luckily I found a tree that had fallen over which made the stick easier. After I had completed the wooden tower, I realised that I was going to have to burn it somewhere. After some thought I decided I would wait to burn the tower on Bonfire night, where it is much more acceptable to be an arsonist.  
But with already having actors coming to complete this project, I think it will be a good idea to start another project.
I intend to use my actors to make quick version of a film idea I have, there will be no costumes, or correct locations and I will use a not very good camera. It will however give me a feel if the film is working right or not, and let me discuss it with other people, and it will also mean that I have something to show people, when it comes to finding locations and actors. Making the process much easier.

Monday, 11 October 2010


So after two years of my friend suffering in my films, wearing old sheets rubbishy wrapped around her, bits of fabric ripped up and tied around, Even having a sheep’s heart put onto her top. 

I deicide it would be nice if I made her a real costume. My first thought was to go to my nana’s house and ask her to get her sewing machine out, but not wanting to dress to look at least slightly well made, I decide to make it myself.
My first stop is to a local fabric shop…

The shop is called ‘pound a yard, fabrics’ but this is in fact a lie, with one fabric being £7.99 a yard (I won’t be using this one). This shop is something I have walked past all my life, but never really been in; the shop is as I suspect…Full of lots of different fabrics.  I get £4 worth of basic white fabric.
Once I'm home, I decide the white fabric is far too white, so I get the tea bags out.
The dress is easier to make than I expect (I imagine it would be a lot harder to make a real dress) and I finish it off with a piece of blue flowery fabric, which then got changed to an old red tie. 

The dress reminds me of a something that would be seen in a film about witch craft and evil forces, which fits in with the film I intend to use the dress in.
I was inspired by the iconic Carrie dress... minus the blood

The next step is to Write the basic plot, find some music and fix the Sacrifice tower as after a year in a busy student art studio, and being moved around my house for 4 months it has begun to fall to pieces 


As of now, I have wrote the basic plot and plan for the film, and even found a song I would like to use, however I do not want to commit to it now, and would like to keep my options open.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Swede Film Project.

I was the member of our team which picked our film -in a name out of a hat sense- , to the initial annoyance of my team, we got Hairspray. 

The version we was supposed to swede was the original John Walters version. However, with none of us having actually watched this version, and with the library not having a copy of it, we decided to be inspired by the more recent musical version.  Which between us we had a decent knowledge of.

We started by sharing what we actually knew about the film, and then we each looked on the internet for YouTube clips and information from different websites, we then came up with a basic plan of what we would include in the film.
On the second day we began to film, we started by making props such as TV’s and paper dolls for the Corny Collins show dancers.
I think the final film, although it doesn’t explore some of the important elements in the film, such as racial segregation, The 2 minuet film does show the tone of the original film, so I believe we have successfully sweded Hairspray.